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2A Barker St, Griffith ACT 2603

If you're looking for counselling support in Canberra to help you move through your current challenges, you've come to the right place.

We'll help you untangle your thoughts and feelings so you can think more clearly and come to resolution on those matters that trouble you.

Hot Cocoa Counselling offers face-to-face counselling in Griffith, ACT Australia, and around the world via Zoom.

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Our Services

Hot Cocoa Counselling delivers counselling services in Canberra and online for a range of life challenges, such as grief and loss, family changes, trauma, anxiety and depression, as well as specialty counselling in:

  • Adolescent mental health
  • Women's priorities and life stages
  • Creative and artistic personalities and navigating the creative life
  • Marriage/Partnership improvement counselling
  • Faith/loss of faith and spirituality
  • Families navigating teenage years

Hot Cocoa Counselling is LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Your Counsellor

Hi, I'm your counsellor is Elizabeth Scott. I hold a Diploma of Counselling and a Graduate Diploma of Relationships Counselling in addition to my other qualifications across media, writing and education. I'm currently also training as a practitioner in the Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). I am passionate about helping women work through life choices and for all people to build better marriages and partnerships. I've worked extensively with children and young people throughout my career too. Togther we can tackle any issue such as anxiety, depression, trauma, family violence, career issues and life changes.

What Happens In Counselling?

You book an appointment then come at your appointment time, at my rooms in Griffith ACT, or online. Whether you're on your own, or with a partner or family member, we sit down together and you have opportunity to discuss anything you would like to explore. I will listen to you, ask some questions, and walk with you through the difficulty you are experiencing. Occasionally I may use some creative exercises, games or meditations as a way to help you tap into your thoughts and feelings.


Address for face-to-face / in person counselling:

2A Barker St, Griffith ACT 2603.

(Rooms are inside Perform Australia).

Online meetings take place via Zoom or Skype.

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$110 per session

Couples / FAMILY


$150 per session




$110 per session

Multi-Generation Family



$150 per session

After your first appointment, if you would like to continue on, you can book a six-pack of sessions at a 10% discount on the total fee. Please ask if you would like to take advantage of one of these package deals.

Why Hot Cocoa?

A mug of hot cocoa is always warm and inviting.

It's a great symbol of comfort, mindfulness and personal reflection... which is what counselling is all about.

At Hot Cocoa Counselling, you'll have a chance to explore some of the tough issues. It's not always easy to face those things that have been holding you back. But in the end, you'll find comfort through that experience, and wholeness and healing.

Do we serve hot cocoa as part of our service, I hear you ask?

Why, yes we do!

Or you can have another warm drink if you prefer.

Water is always available to you too.

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Hot Cocoa Counselling


Q: How long will I have to go to counselling?

A: That depends - everyone is different. You may just need some short-term emotional support over a few weeks, or you may have deeper issues that need long term work over months or years.

Q: Do you have bulk billing or fee subsidies?

A: No, there are no bulk-billing or subsidies available. However, our prices are very affordable compared to a psychologist. You still receive high quality, empathic counselling from a trained counsellor.

Q: How do I cancel or change my appointment?

A: Check your confirmation email. You can click through there and make changes.


Call/text: +61 403 014 576

Location: 2A Barker St, Griffith ACT

(Inside Perform Australia)

OR on Zoom/Skype (book an appointment and we send a link)